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Character background:
About DINO
Dino, from 2050, is one of the very few craftsmen who are still working by themselves. Dino has always believed that the body under his control should find his true self instead of being occupied by the current technology, advanced civilization and electronic technology. However, one day he accidentally discovered a way to go back in time and embarked on an unexpected adventure...

About OO Adventure
OO Adventure is an adventure story. The story takes place in OO Land. It is an adventure journey carried out by the protagonist Dino and his companions Ezo, Poto, and Bana. The four characters come from different eras and backgrounds.What's the reason and process that makes them meet each other? What will happen to them in their journey will be revealed in the future. 

Product information:
"DINO" 1.0
14 x 19 x 8.5cm
Globally limited to 100qty
with certificate and artist signature"
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