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Ye men string string originated from chengdu catering family, featuring web celebrity good food shop of hot string of cold pot. In 2015, the first store of Ye Chuan Chuan in Guangzhou was well received. Every day long line of hot scene into a store unique scenery; Delicious food and appearance are both online, and popular on WeChat, douyin, xiaohongshu, dianping APP and other platforms. In 2019, Ye Men Chuangchuan attacked Macau Hongxin. With its authentic taste and unique operation mode, Ye men won the hearts of local fans and became a popular online shop.

Since its inception, Ye Men chuan Chuan has adhered to the brand concept of "Basidplate" and the brand image of the coexistence of market air and fashion restoring ancient ways in Chengdu, and captured the taste buds of many young consumers with authentic Chengdu delicious. Has also been the favor of the majority of investors, the number of stores is increasing in a good situation.

At present, Ye's main investment shops are: Fan you store, standard store, flagship store, the shop area of 60 square meters can open, the total investment of 350,000 ~ 520,000.

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