About Us
To enhance your Conferences, events and exhibitions in A DIGITAL WAY.

At today’s events, everything is generating data, from registration to social interaction to movement around the event floor. Even before an event though, your audiences are generating tremendous amounts of data and interaction when they visit the websites and the social channels. Event organizers, exhibitors, and marketers have a wealth of data and interaction with audiences that can be used to create more targeted communications and a more personalized event experience.

Modern digital technology can be the difference between a “so-so” event and one that moves hearts and changes minds. Event digital solution is a headache for almost every event – from planning, through execution, to the post-experience debriefing. Digital solutions can be as exciting as they are useful, but knowing what’s out there and getting to grips with what you need can be a minefield.
We combine technical knowledge with physical event know-how to streamline event management process and deliver a more immersive and interactive experience for every audience.

Our Key Solutions:

1. Business Intelligent Solutions
Business Intelligence Technologies (BIT) delivers innovative, intelligent analytical apps and solutions to industries that
process large volume data. Our solutions extend from modernisation of data collective systems, responsive apps for analytics and reporting to business strategies. We deliver value to our customers by leveraging the power of BigData, Cloud, Mobile and Social Media

2. 360 & Interactive Solutions
From software solutions that foster interaction to immersive shows that enhance communication, take all participants to an amazing, engaging and customized dimension that will multiply their engagement and their emotions. Most important is the knowledge &
experience they gained in this interactive.

Please visit https://www.o-dynamic.com/ for more information!

Steven Kwok