Macao’s Competitive Advantages

Macao World Centre of Tourism and Leisure

Service platform for trade and economic cooperation between China and Portuguese-speaking Countries

Moderate Economic Diversification

  • Macao SAR has experienced substantial social and economic development in the past twenty years.
  • External Merchandise Trade Statistics of 2018 (Values of Imports and Exports) reached MOP 102.3 billion.
  • Number of visitor arrivals exceeded 35.8 million in 2018
  • A series of newly completed world-class tourism, entertainment, leisure, convention and exhibition facilities to be established.

Macao’s competitive advantages

  • Strategic location
  • Excellent infrastructure
  • Simple and low taxation
  • Tax incentives
  • Excellent international relations
  • Solid financial system
  • Qualified human resources
About Macao (2018)
Area 32.9 sq. km
Population 667,400
Official Languages Chinese and Portuguese
(English is also widely spoken)
GDP MOP 440.3 billion
(approx. USD 55 billion)
GDP Per Capita MOP 666,893
(approx. USD 83,361)
Foreign Direct Investment
MOP 58.65 billion
(approx. USD 73 billion)
Visitor Arrivals 35,803,700
(Goods & Services)
MOP 367.3 billion
approx. USD 45.9 billion)
(Goods & Services)
MOP 145 billion
(approx. USD 18.1 billion)
Newly Formed Companies 5,177

Source: Macao Statistics and Census Services

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