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Brand story: Ms. Li Zhuozhi, a returned Indonesian overseas Chinese, founded the first “medanmacao” in Mandi Street, Macau in 1972. In 1975, she moved to the Costa Avenida store to continue her business. In 2014, Meidan was transferred to the third generation, Mr. Su Jiatu.
Brand characteristics: For more than 40 years, “medan” has insisted and focused on making Indonesian food products, and insisted on creating the trend of Indonesian hand-made pastries. There are still many classic dishes on the menu. The Padang dishes in its store cater to the requirements of the Chinese. Increase the choice of pork products, such as curry mixed rice with stainless steel separators, the famous coconut glutinous rice chicken, and solid nine-layer cakes. These are the delicacies of returned overseas Chinese that have accompanied many Macau neighborhoods for many years.
Specialties: glutinous rice chicken, potato rolls, nine-layer cake
Meidan will pass on the unique human kindness from generation to generation, retain the flavor of the returned overseas Chinese family, and pass on the taste and feelings in the memories of the guests to the next generation with continuous innovation of business philosophy.
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